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Soal-soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMK kelas XI sem Ganjil



1.      Erwin arrives  at  school 6.45 am, he greets his teacher by saying ….

a.       Hello

b.      Good night

c.       Good afternoon

d.      Good morning   

e.       Good bye

2.      Mr. Ridwan    : I really … for disturbing you.
Mrs Rika        : It’s Ok
a.    That’s nice
b.    Fine
c.    Glad
d.    Sorry
e.    Kind of you

3.      Rossa        : I’d like some chocolate ice cream , please?
Waitress    : …., we haven’t  got any chocolate left.
a.    I already order Miss
b.    Please go ahead
c.    I’m sorry Miss
d.    I’ve served
e.    I have chocolate

4.      Tini            : Mila, …  my friend. His name is Slamet.
Sarmila      : How do you do, Slamet?
Slamet       : How do you do, Sarmila.
a.    Nice to meet you
b.    I’d like to visit you
c.    I’d like to meet you
d.    Nice to meet him
e.    I’d like to introduce

5.      Azizah served delicious dinner to her guest, Nurul.
Nurul    : Thank you for the delicious dinner, Azizah.
 Azizah : ….
a.    I’m  very hungry  too
b.    Don’t  eat  too  much
c.    It’s my pleasure
d.    When will you invite me
e.    Yes, I’m

6.      Idris always … late in the morning. His mother is always angry with him.
a.    Waken up
b.    Worked up
c.    Woke up
d.    Wake up
e.    Wakes up

7.      Kurniati      : Dilla, Dini… not here at the moment.
Dilla           : I see.
a.    Is
b.    Do
c.    Be
d.    Am
e.    does

8.      Ridwan    : Today is Sunday, what the day of tomorrow?
Intan         : It is ………..
a.    Sunday
b.    Monday
c.    Tuesday
d.    Friday
e.    Saturday

9.      Maulana      : Hi, Monika where do you work?
Monika        : I work in the hospital, I always examine the patients.
Maulana      : So, you are … ,aren’t  you?
a.    Nurse
b.    Baby sister
c.    Driver
d.    Mechanic
e.    Doctor

10.  Wiwin    : Ratu, how does Zulkifli’s painting look like?
Ratu       : Wow ….
a.    It’s given to my  mother
b.    I will sell it next week
c.    The painting is bad
d.    It is inside the room
e.    It’s beautiful and expensive

11.  Hikmah     : Riska, what is your new secretary look like?

Riska         : ….
a.    I put it on the table
b.    They can’t keep  a secret
c.    She’s smart.
d.    She is typing letter
e.    She is busy to meet

12.  The shape of a coin is …..
a.    Triangle
b.    Round
c.    Rectangle
d.    Circle
e.    crescent

13.  The elephant is big, but the size of mouse is ….
a.    Long
b.    Small
c.    Thin
d.    Big
e.    Light

14.  The shape of … is cylinder.
a.    Ball
b.    Table
c.    Book
d.    Pipe
e.    Coin

15.  The antonym of these words; Ugly,  short, and fat  are …
a.    Handsome, tall, slim
b.    Beautiful, tall,  slim
c.    Bad, beautiful, fat
d.    Fat, tall, short
e.    Slim, ugly, good

16.  Mr. Yamsi is a good person, he always kind to everybody.  The synonym of  “good” is ….
a.    Nice
b.    Fine
c.    Bad
d.    Naughty
e.    spoil

17.  How do you say in English 500.223?
a.    Five hundred thousand and two hundred twenty three.
b.    Five zero zero two thousand two three.
c.    Five hundred thousand two hundred twenty five
d.    Five thousand hundred
e.    Five hundred and twenty two three

18.  Pety      : ….
Indah    : No, she is short, she is only 140 centimeter high.
a.    Is she your sister?
b.    Is your sister tall?
c.    Where is your sister?
d.    How is your sister
e.    May I know your sister?

19.  Fauzi    : …. Do you wear in shoes?

Dedi      : It’s 40
a.    What shape
b.    What size
c.    What material
d.    What color
e.    What is made of

20.  Indah    : How are Ahyat and Syahdan?
Yudhi   : Oh, They … .Thank you

a.       Is fine

b.      Not well

c.       See you

d.      Are fine

e.       Will fine

21.  Rika         : Let me introduce  my self. I am Rika, and I am ……
Sulastri    : How do you do Rika?
a.    Sixteen years old
b.    Oh, yes
c.    Thank you
d.    Hello
e.    Hi

22.  Juned      : Jupri, do you know the celebration of independence day?
Jupri       : I know, it is on ….
a.    17th August
b.    In August
c.    17th October
d.    22nd December
e.    10th November

23.  Anisa         : Look! I got some roses from my mother.

Mardiana   : It’s so beautiful flowers. It’s …. , like blood.

a.       Brown

b.      Black

c.       Green

d.      Red

e.       Orange 

24.  The SMK students wearing grey skirt and …  shirt.
a.    White
b.    Blue
c.    Brown
d.    Pink
e.    purple

25.  Lulu is American, she speaks ….
a.    Dutch
b.    English
c.    Malaysian
d.    French
e.    Japanese

26.  Mrs Jean and Mrs Jaina are from Sengatta. Their country are …. And they speak in  Indonesian.
a.    China
b.    Japan
c.    Singapore
d.    Indonesia
e.    London



Kunci Jawaban Soal UAS Bhs Inggris SMKI NH kls X

1.           D

2.           D

3.           C

4.           E

5.           C

6.           E

7.           A

8.           B

9.           E

10.      E

11.      C

12.      D

13.      B

14.      D

15.      B

16.      A

17.      A

18.      B

19.      B

20.      D

21.      A

22.      A

23.      D

24.      A

25.      B

26.      D







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